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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Fair

Actually, more than one funny thing happened during my visit to the Kentucky State Fair, and none of them particularly on the way there.  I would imagine at any State Fair, you’d expect to be humored and well-fed at the very least.  I don’t know what entices your average bear to such an attraction, but I willingly paid cash money for a ticket with the prior knowledge that I would be hot, crowded and most likely standing in a pile of animal feces.  These are three things to which I’ve never quite warmed but I was lured to endure them in order to cheer on my 8 year old cousin, Kaitlyn, as she showed her prize-winning sheep, KeeKee.  I don’t claim to know anything about the practice of showing sheep, but the child is kind of my whole life and it sounded a little like a beauty pageant for sheep, so you know I’m in.

I’m always on the lookout for denim trends; it’s my hobby and it’s my job and I lucked into combining the two!  Having already filed away a mental post-it in regard to how many denim skirts had been chosen as the look du jour, I stumbled upon the largest pair of blue jeans I had ever seen styled with a denim shirt and a red scarf.  I don’t think it can officially be considered a “Texas Tuxedo” if a blue jean jacket isn’t part of the composition, but what we have here is denim-on-denim, which is just fine by me in any case.  The style maven sporting the monochromatic ensemble I have since come to know, is Freddy Farm Bureau and I guess he is a local icon that has been rocking this look at the KY State Fair for something like 54 years.  It should be said that he is an 18 ft. tall robot or something kind of like one.

Freddy Farm Bureau

I stood there and stared at Freddy for a while trying to figure out how many outfits I could make out of the denim material that comprised his 68 inch inseam, and I snapped this pic for my friend and fellow denim-lover, Kris, so she could see these huge jeans!  Somewhere between fashioning a fantasy denim wardrobe and re-teaching myself how to operate my cell phone camera, I heard a little girl sneak up beside me and say aloud, “I love you Freddy.”  I didn’t even have time to get mad that this chick was flirting with my new boyfriend when I heard a voice come from the general direction of the crotch of those jeans, “I love you too!”  Wait, what?!!!?  I was the only one around that seemed alarmed by the sound.  Was I the only one that heard it?  I decided to test my theory.  Out of my own throat sprang the words, “How are you, Freddy?”  “I’m fine.  How are you?”  He responded.  I screamed and ran away.

I never really learned what the deal is with Freddy and the internet isn’t giving up any of his secrets.  I like to think there is some kind of great and powerful denim-clad wizard living in those pants.  I wish I had asked for something expensive at least.  As it turns out, I became pretty distracted by Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Deep Fried Derby Pie, Funnel Cakes, Deep Fried Oreos and many more deep fried dishes all washed down with Deep Fried Kool-Aid.  The next time I thought about Freddy, it was because I suspected I might actually need to borrow his pants having outgrown mine.  Then, once again when I thought I might just need a change of pants as I exited a poorly-constructed roller coaster.  I’ve had some time since to think some more about Freddy and his denim outfit.  He sits there on his hay bale every year, not as a fashion statement, but as a representative of the over 500,000 farmers in the state of Kentucky.  Denim fads come and go but the Farmer has pretty much stayed committed to it as a uniform through the years.  Forget jogging pants, gym shorts or yoga pants; just give them a sturdy pair of blue jeans and they will put food on your table like magic.

As for Kaitlyn and KeeKee, they took 3rd place in Showmanship and 2nd place in Market.  I don’t like to think of what the term “market” actually means for KeeKee (I’m sad that it’s not Market, like when we go to Vegas to shop for new clothes to feature in the shop), but I will always imagine her showing off in that ring with Kaitlyn handling her like a seasoned pro, clad in her best pair of blue jeans.