True Blue, Baby I Love You

One of my favorite friends celebrated his birthday last week with a Madonna “True Blue” themed party. It was nothing short of a spectacular event; tons of friends all decked out in their favorite shades of blue, hosted by an amazing Madonna impersonator, and equipped with more photo ops than most parties thanks to The Magnolia Photobooth! The guest of honor had an incredible evening and for me, that will go down as one of the absolute best parties I’ve attended in recent years.

All the Madonna-mania surrounding the party had me thinking about Her Madgesty for much of the week, in preparation for the event. To wrap up the weekend and give a final Happy Birthday to both Madonna (Happy 53rd!) and my dear friend, Daniel, here are my Favorite 5 Madonna Looks (so far and with a special emphasis on my own true blue love, denim):

5. Like a Virgin - It’s hard to make this list without mentioning Like a Virgin. Though never my favorite song, video, nor #1 favorite look, the denim jacket over the dress and leggings in this video made me anxious to experiment with textures and fabrics that seemingly didn’t belong together. I remember saving to buy my first premium denim jacket (standard, button-front by Earl Jeans) and my confidence in that splurge was only reinforced by this video. Cool enough for Madonna, cool enough for me.

4. Papa Don’t Preach – This was my first memorable introduction to what would become a wardrobe staple for me: the boyfriend jean. This look was a tough-girl/tomboy look that was instantly appealing to me. All the rough and tumble of a guy’s gal (baggy, paper-bag-waist denim with a black leather biker jacket) mixed carefully with the right ingredients of sexiness (doe eyes, red lips and the short, bleached, pixie crop that Michelle Williams would later be applauded for being so brave to wear). Still a standby in my closet today, the boyfriend jean is the one that makes me want to pile on the lipstick.

3. Express Yourself – I can’t let this list go any further without noting the double-breasted, suit-wearing, monocle-clad look in Express Yourself. She is so strong and powerful in this look, but in true Madonna fashion, still a woman underneath it all, as evidenced by some purposeful flashes of a black lace bra. She gives a few tip-toe dance moves and crotch-grab nods to Michael Jackson as well, and if I’m being honest…it also doesn’t hurt my feelings at all that the men are wearing prison denim.

2. Don’t Tell Me – Madonna kicks up some dirt in the perfect, dusty, flares. All the elements of the Old West (big belt buckle, cowboy hat and boots) get sexed up with hip-slung dirty denim and a trim-fit plaid shirt and later, even leather chaps. Oh, alright – I’ll admit it: I was a Cowgirl twice for Halloween after seeing Madonna strut her stuff in this video.

1. Ray of Light – For me, this is the image I immediately come up with when someone mentions Madonna. First, I love this song. And, I love a denim-on-denim look, when executed well. I can’t think of anyone who wore it better than Madge (in this video), although I can think of numerous attempts that have failed miserably. Her whole look – from the honey-blonde tumbles of waves in her hair to the impeccable fit of the denim suit – is perfection here.

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