Boys’ Night Out at 15 Ounce

Last week, as 15 Ounce Premium Denim hosted a trunkshow featuring the men’s collection from Genetic Denim, two of the hottest boys I know stopped by to try on & show us what it’s supposed to look like: Derek Saathoff and Rodiney Santiago from Logo TV’s The A-List: New York !

Derek, a Louisville native (and personal friend), brought me a bottle of his new self-tanner, TANSXL, which I am beyond anxious to try for the first time tonight!  He also brought along his castmate and friend, Rodiney Santiago who brought me his NEW 2012 calendar! - do yourselves a favor: buy it right now.

Rodiney tried on a few styles (all of which, I can’t lie, looked like they were made for him) but ultimately chose the Genetic Maverick Straight Leg in Solar.  Derek can do some denim right too…he was wearing a custom denim vest from Levi’s that made me seriously consider which of my denim jackets I’m willing to convert.

It was a terrific night out with the boys – guests enjoyed the meet & greet, sampled cocktails provided by Early Times, and everyone got suited up in some new fall denim!

The Genetic men’s collection is available at 15 Ounce until late October.

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