It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I am a bona-fide Halloween addict!  There, I said it.  I love the Halloween season and even though I am scared senseless by the scary movie, haunted house, and ‘ghost chase’ ingredients critical to this time of year, I can still be coerced into subjecting myself to a few of the terrifying activities every year.  Maybe.

My favorite things about the season, however, are not the parts that scare the daylights out of me. It’s the costumes! – the candy -  the weather – the treats - the decorations and parties! Mostly the COSTUMES though.  I have always been a fiend for costumes.  As a child, I told you in my first blog post that I creatively came up with costumes with a denim foundation (lumberjack, farmer, hippie). As I grew up, and trick-or-treating became less interesting (which is a concept I marvel at!!…I mean, HOW??!), I often hosted or encouraged friends to organize costume parites.  Let me be very specific here: it was then (and remains so to this day) more important to me that the party was costume-themed than Halloween-themed. I learned quickly though, that most people are more engaged in the creative process of costumery during the Halloween season, and thus, leveraged this time of year to feed my costume-addiction.

I commit a resounding YES! to as many costume parties and events as I think I can manage, and I’m occasionally a little over-ambitious, working until the last minute on the costume I’ve selected in order to pull off my vision just the way I want it… I never got caught up in the traditionally girly costumes (princess, ballerina, barbie, cheerleader), for me the laurels of a magnificent costume rest in the creativity and the authenticity.  One Halloween was almost foiled when I discovered I’d mistakenly parted  my Margot Tennenbaum (The Royal Tennenbaums) wig on the wrong side…

I am told that my first very Halloween costume (as I approached the ripe old age of one) consisted only of a cape (which would later become my favorite winter-wear look!) since I refused to wear any mask, makeup, or costume.  Let me assure you that was the ONLY time that was the case…as I swiftly became somthing of the Halloween-pusher amongst friends, pressuring others to dress up and ridiculing those who did not.

And…as the witching hour approaches again this year, I am excited beyond belief! The possibilities are endless and it’s just a few short days now until, drunk on candy, I will start plotting ideas for next year’s costume(s)!

Happy Halloween, friends!

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