The Doctor is IN.

While browsing around on eBay over the holiday (okay, I’ll admit it…I’ve sacrificed probably close to a YEAR of my life just getting “lost” on eBay), I saw something so familiar to me, it caught my breath! An auction for a pair of Dr. Martens “AirWair” boots that I’d bought many years ago. I won’t say how many years, but suffice it to say the auction featured the words, “vintage”, “rare” & “impossible to find” in the title alone. The Buy It Now price on these boots was listed at $495!! I’m floored.

Granted, these are not your typical, black, lug sole, Dr. Martens that have, decade over decade, found a cult folowing within various young subcultures. While all of my friends were wearing the traditionally popular black and oxblood (even one gal had the high-top white Docs I remember)…ohhh NO! Not me. I opted for a pair covered in a colorful ditzy floral wallpaper-print.

I spent too much money on those boots and wore them only sparingly (probably because I’d spent so much…I guess I wanted to keep them as pristine as possible).  By the time I was old enough to adopt the philosophy “what are you waiting for?”, my Docs were tucked deep away into the corner of a closet; out of sight & out of mind.

Then, unbeknownst to me, sometime in 2009, the always-adorable Sienna Miller did a NYLON magazine editorial wearing several styles of Dr. Martens, my ditsy floral version included! Had I known at the time, I’m confident that I’d have immediately started wearing mine in heavy rotation (somehow, it seems more valuable to me to have something worn by Sienna Miller and featured in NYLON than to have the money I spent on those boots back). I never knew about that editorial though, until my eBay search turned up the $495 auction for the same item. After further review, I discovered several similar auctions (same boots, different states of wear & tear) with going bids ranging from $75 – $399.

Now what?? Do I keep my boots and try to invent any and every occasion possible to wear a tutu, as seen on Sienna? Or…should I sell them at auction, make back the money I shouldn’t have spent on them (and then some!) so many years ago, and treat myself to these perfect Koolaburra wedge fringed booties (a perfect, dressed up take on my already-favorite Minnetonka moccs!)?? Decisions, decisions…

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