The Day (and the way) I Said YES to Skinny Jeans

I’m a skinny-jean convert. I swore them off as they hit the scene and again vehemently declared that you would catch me in them as they trickled into every town, USA. I would go on to defend my collection of bootcut, flare, and boyfriend denim even as the closets of my girlfriends seemed to produce an endless parade of skinny styles. Finally, after – I’m guessing – a year and a half of protest, I agreed to try on the skinny jean.

Instant. Convert. I loved them. I love the slim/skinny shape with tall boots, ankle boots, stilettos, flats, flip-flops, wedges, pumps, sandals, wellies – no kidding: If I could only wear one shape for the rest of my life, I think I’d pick something in the slim/skinny category. (Now, let me remind you that when this story started, I said rude things about the skinny jean and scoffed at those who were “buying into it”, so…I change my mind a lot.) Currently though, you’ll rarely find me without a skinny pant of some fabrication on. Whether it’s my Black Orchid Jegging in Cranberry (suuuuper skinny) or my AG Premier in Jetsetter (suuuuper soft but more straight than skin-tight)…it’s my favorite shape by a landslide.

If you have been gripped by the fear of wearing the skinny shape the way I was, I strongly encourage you to try them on. Trying on doesn’t indicate comittement. It’s just to see. (You don’t even have to come out of the fitting room.) There are a few ways to consider easing the slim/skinny fit into your wardrobe that may help make the transition more comfortable…

Start with a casual look:  You don’t have to be in 5″ stillettos to put your best skinny fit forward. Think about getting acclimated to a new fit in some very comfortable shoes and other pieces that you feel totally at home in…favorite tee or hoodie and a piece of jewelry or bag that always gets a compliment. That way, you won’t feel like you are wearing a costume…rather, you’ve only changed one thing (the shape of your denim) but otherwise still feel comfortable in your own style.

 Cover them up!:  Try pairing your skinnies with something hip-length  on top and wear tall boots. With less of your denim showing in your first few outings, you should feel less intimidated by the new shape.

 Be a man about it:  Grab a blazer and opt for some menswear inspired oxfords. A skinny or slim fit is downplayed under the interesting details of your borrowed-from-the-boys look.

Once you feel comfortable in the slimmer shapes, there is a whole world of fabricatoins, colors, and styles out there that keeps the denim industry in constant evolution, and I know every girl can find denim outside of her comfort zone that has the potential to become a new favorite. Trying is the first step. I hope this helps  all my girls who may be resisting the addition of a skinny jean into their denim wardrobe. The skinny/straight shape has proven to be one of the more versatile for me and I can hardly remember what I did before I embraced it.  

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