Ruby – A Denim Jewel

Red is always a color you expect to see a lot of in the holiday season, but this year I saw more of it than ever in the form of red denim on some of the most fashion-forward ladies about town.  Colored denim is a huge trend in general this winter, but red seems to be the choice color of most.  So it came as no surprise when a pair of red jeans made it into the suitcases of both me and my sister when packing for Christmas weekend, resulting in ongoing negotiations over who could wear them to which events.  Our family Christmas wasn’t the first holiday event of the season where multiple people opted for red jeans.  Here, my sister (left) is pictured at a holiday bash in LA with what she labeled: “the red pants brigade”.

On the day of my red denim purchase (Black Orchid’s Black Jewel in Cranberry), I declared via Facebook that I had finally found the perfect fashion solution for sporting events!  My team of choice happens to be the Louisville Cardinals so I expect to be getting some bang out of this denim investment all the way through March Madness!  I took them for their first test drive with some more denim-neutral fans:

I get that it takes more than a love for my college alma mater or me and my sister dueling over an item of clothing to denote a trend, so I’ll let some of Hollywood’s most stylish celebs do the talking…

Fergie looks like she might be “flyin first class” in this G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S look.  (Yes, I had to sing the song to get the spelling correctly.)

Lauren Conrad authored a book called Style so we can trust her when it comes to these matters, right? I appreciate how the red jeans make even her plain white v-neck look chic.

Rachel Bilson is currently the style-celeb with whom I am the most obsessed.  This makes me feel inclined to buy a second pair of red jeans – only in boot cut!

Almost every major denim label has a variety of colored denim options in their current collection.  I would advise sticking to the jewel tones to avoid a total throwback 80′s moment, which was probably the last time I strayed further than grey or black when it comes to color in denim.  Black Orchid is the brand that is in heavy rotation in my closet and the stretch in their skinny fit is so generous that it allowed me to go down a size – always a way to encourage my purchase! My latest purchase was recently validated twice by Life & Style magazine.  If you couldn’t possibly drag yourself away from the Kardashian drama long enough to notice, here you go:

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