Strut Your Stuff Spotlight

Strut. /strʌt/ [struht] : To display in order to impress others; swagger.

If you can admit you’ve ever done it, LIKE this post!! – around 15 Ounce Premium Denim, we all agree that the majority of us have – at least once (but probably  more often than we’ll be honest about) – been guilty of a strut.

Lots of things can be the catalyst for a good strut, though it really can’t be forced. Maybe it was  those red Marc Jacobs booties I scored at 75% off original retail one weekend-after-Christmas; maybe it was getting that promotion you’d worked your tail off for; maybe it was the perfect skinny jeans you found in your size – last pair!; or the surprise that the guy in the apartment across the hall knew your name when you saw him on your way out this morning…it’s the result of something that makes your heart swell and you feel just a little too big/bold/sexy/smart/confident for regular walking.

Well, guilt be gone! – We are excited to introduce Strut Your Stuff Spotlight, where we’ll highlight one of our inspirations…someone who makes us want to walk like we mean it – with no apologies to the world!

To launch this feature, we look to the original, incomparable, inspirational Tony Manero (John Travolta), strutting his stuff in a celabratory walk alone through Times Square as the credits roll and the music comes up to close the film, Staying Alive. Get it, Tony.


One response to “Strut Your Stuff Spotlight

  1. I try to strut at least once daily.

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