Local Favorite: Louisville Live Wires

The first thing about Heather Peters and Gretchen Leachman that I marvel in amazement over is that these two super-moms, each with full households and businesses to oversee, found themselves with ‘free time’ on their hands at all.  That they have parlayed that time on their hands into a blooming artisan jewelry business, Louisville Live Wires, is a testament to the ambition of these two gals.

 The pair rekindled their high-school friendship after over 15 years, courtesy of Facebook, and discovered they shared a common lament of seeing pieces of jewelry-art that was gorgeous, but usually too pricey and impractical for a regular gal.

They started hand-knitting actual wire (with beading every few stitches) in January, 2011, and the results…are stunning. The cuffs range in width, every one more interesting and conversational than the last. The materials are premium, the colors gorgeous, and the craftsmanship is a bit mind-boggling. I have no personal knitting experience, so to me, these pieces are the magical pairing of eye candy with innovative technique.

For a little over a year (Live Wires was born in January 2011), the friends have been evolving their design aesthetic to more shapes and various materials. What started as a bracelet biz, now includes earrings, pendants, hat pins, rings, statement necklaces, and pretty much anything else Gretchen or Heather (or you!) can dream up. I’ve enjoyed seeing their work evolve, as new interests and styles surface in the very personal expressions of the girls’ designs, and I’m consistently smitten by each new creation.


You can find unique Live Wires designs at several local specialty shops: 15 Ounce Premium Denim, Revelry Boutique Gallery, Les Filles BoutiqueThe Uncommon Art Shop, and Mine & Yours Boutique.

If you have something special in mind, email Heather or Gretchen to discuss a custom piece for you or for a special gift. You can request special orders or a consultation at: info@louisvillelivewires.com.

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