Let There Be Bright

Since so many of us open our closets daily to an accumulation of black and grey neutrals, peppered with the occasional piece of color (navy doesn’t count!), it can be anywhere from intimidating to harrowing to give the color trend in denim a whirl for the first time.

Red was an easy first foray into bright denim for me, since my hometown Louisville Cardinals wear red, white, and black. I wore them to a few games over the winter and assured myself in the (very few) moments where I felt slightly awkward with the unfamiliarity, that they were in the “team gear” category. They quickly moved into heavy rotation, easy to pair with my denim shirts, girly printed blouses, and any basic or graphic tee.


More recently, I had to try gorgeous Princess Kate Middleton’s bright coral skinnies. I picked the Black Orchid Black Jewel skinny in Bellini (how much more do you love it with a name like Bellini?) and not only do I love the fit (the stretch makes these on the legging side of the spectrum), but this version of coral tends toward neon ever-so-slightly, which satisfies my “trend-tooth” for  colored denim and neon right now.


Next on my wish list? Bright green. I can’t wait to have The Skinny in “parakeet” (from Joe’s, which will arrive at 15 Ounce Premium Denim this summer)! I have long avowed that green is my (unwavering) favorite color, when pressed to choose just one. This shade is my dream-come-true green…a drenched, rich color to pair with pale peach silk blouses and, you guessed it: the denim shirt again!


Whether you decide to dip your foot or plunge headfirst into the denim pool of color this year, my advice is to start with a color that you honestly like. Don’t wear the colors that turn you off (no matter who else is or how popular they may get), and make sure you have at least 2 outfits in mind that include your new color.

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