15 Minutes with…Paige Adams-Geller

Paige Adams-Geller//Paige Denim Founder & Creator

We had the chance to sit down for a chat with Paige Adams-Gellar recently in Las Vegas while viewing the Fall 2012 collection. Paige is gorgeous and fresh, with beautiful skin and a warm, fun personality that she wears on the outside. She has been at every trade show I’ve attended since opening 15 Ounce Premium Denim and I swear – this woman does not age. Though she didn’t give us her secret to eternal youth, she did reveal a few other things…

15Oz:  Who would you most love to style? 

Pagie Adams-Geller:  Right now, Katharine McPhee is amazing. She is flawless – just gorgeous - and I just love her on SMASH.  And Gwen Stefani. Gwen is, of course, a total style icon, but I have to tell you; if I were to pick a male to style, I wouldn’t mind hand delivering a pair of jeans to Raylan Givens on Justified (Timothy Olyphant).


What shape or style are you most obsessed with right now?

For “right now”, it’s still skinny. Skinny in patterns, colors, prints – so many to pick from. But for #1 of all time, my favorite fit is still the Lou Lou Flare. Such a sexy flare…I just feel sexy in them no matter what.

Paige Lou Lou Tulip Jean

With your wine: cheese or chocolate?

I don’t drink so give me chocolate with chocolate on this one.

What’s new on your iPod?

I just downloaded Gavin DeGraw and Gotye. After watching the Grammy’s though, I need to hear more from The Civil Wars! …instantly in love with them.

If you learned the world would end tonight, what would you wear?

Ooooooh – a tough one.  I’m torn on this – one side of me would want to wear my all-time favorite gorgeous black Prada gown. But the other side of me wants to be in PJs with my dog at home.

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