Prints Charming

No matter where you fall on the love of prints and patterns spectrum, there is no denying that prints are making another fashion splash right now. It’s not the first time,  and (as we all know with fashion) it won’t be the last. If you’ve ever considered leopard a neutral color or harbored a secret love of pairing florals with plaids, you may be more adept than you think at this style game of mixology.

Where to start? If you feel less than comfortable with the print iniative, or have been coniditioned to always match, try picking a basic pattern on a dress and add a printed jacket or coat. You may feel more forgiving of the mis-match when one of the pieces is outerwear, since it’s removable, and already a usual suspect for a bold pattern. Wearing a dress keeps your other print contained to a single piece, and lets your legs (either bare or in tights) be a solid color in the overall look, along with your bag and shoes.


Leopard is another easy test pattern. A little leopard can let you get used to the idea of wearing a bold print (try just a clutch or shoes), or substitute the versatility of leopard’s earth-toned hues as a neutral with – if you are brave enough – almost anything.


The best thing about the ubiquitous print-mixing looks this season is that you can (and should!) use what you already have in your closet.  Now is the time to wear that sweet floral skirt with your favorite striped tee. You love to wear them seperately…you might just love to wear them together!

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