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15 Minutes with…Derek Saathoff

Derek Saathoff//Business Owner//Model//Agent//Actor

Derek Saathoff is a stylist’s dream; tall, boyish, athletic, and built for clothes.

He’s appeared on two seasons of  LogoTV‘s reality series, The A-List: New York; he’s a former model and casting agent, and creator of his own line of spray-tan products (TanSXL). He happens to be from my hometown and, by circumstances random other than that, is a close personal friend of mine. He is smart, charming, generous, funny, and extremely handsome. He is willing to take style risks and feels confident in a variety of looks.


Here’s what you can learn in 15 minutes about Derek’s style, his cheese addiction, and which tunes help ease his occasional road rage…

15 Ounce: What trend or look would you consider a current obsession?

Derek:  Rihanna‘s “We Found Love” video is influencing my look this season. I love all that denim; frayed and youthful. There is a sort of 80s feel at the moment that I’m embracing. Big strong colors and oversized cotton tops.

If you could work with anyone, who would you most like to style you for an event?

As a man, I am drawn to strong suits and cuts that fit me. I love Tom Ford (and he’s not bad on the eyes either!); I would love to be styled by Tom in his own collection. Tom Ford’s Winter 2012 Collection is a mix of furs, leather, and fine suiting. I would die to wear any of it!


Who is your celeb style-crush?

Ryan Gosling. He’s a walking GQ magazine! From what he wears on the streets in his personal life to the red carpet - he consistently looks dapper. More even than the clothes, I love the confidence he exhibits in everything and wears. He is slender and wears clothes that fit him. A well-tailored suit and confidence are always in style.


What’s new on your iPod ? What have you been listening to lately?

I have very eclectic taste in music. Right now, I am listening to: Diane Birch, The Deep Dark Woods, Lissie, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. When I’m driving its a lot of country (I like Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift, Lady Antebelllum) because I’m a bit of an aggressive driver & country music puts me at ease behind the wheel.

With your wine: cheese or chocolate?

CHEESE! I love cheese -  ALL types! I love chocolate but I don’t crave it like I do cheese. No chocolate could be better than a red wine & cheese pairing.

If you learned the world would end tonight, what would you wear?

I would want to wear little to nothing. I think I would pull an Amanda Lepore… cover nothing but my goodies. If the world is going to end I want to be comfortable and sexy! What better way to go out than the way you came in?