Kasil Goes Geek.

To say we are in the season of shorts is an offensive understatement this year. In my city, we just ended (along with much of the rest of the country) 2 weeks of record high temperatures, resulting in 10 or so days over the 100 degree mark and a 4th of July that showed no mercy to hairdos nor ice cream cones.

For me, an admitted denim hoarder and out-of-seaon denim pusher, it also resulted in a wardrobe of strictly: tank tops, skirts, and shorts. It’s all I could muster; flip flops and and a messy bun consistently finished my “too hot to live” look. I could hardly even manage jewelry. Maybe a cuff  but certainly not a necklace (I couldn’t survive anything touching my neck, hence the daily bun)! But as the long days and unreasonable temperatures relentlessly tried to make a mess out of me, my Geek shorts from Kasil bailed me out again and again. 

In some of the most delicious colors of the season (my favorites are Mint Green and surprisingly, Lime Light), and featured by ALL your favorite bloggers (Neon Blush, Sincerely Jules, That’s Chic…), they are the perfect mix of relaxed and well tailored. Born of a collaboration between Kasil and Taylor Jacobson (celeb-stylist and former assistant to Rachel Zoe), these shorts are the ultimate, everyday casual piece and I wish I had them in every color. (I missed out on the Jawbreaker, but will forever be on the search for that one…until it is mine.)


Even though the extent of my two-week Geek short bender was always complemented by a tank to combat the weather recently, I know I will move them into heavy rotation through multiple seasons when I see how spot-on they are with a jacket and ankle boots. So many options I can’t wait to try!

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