The In-Betweens

Ahh the sweet end-of-summer days. A last few long afternoons at the pool; spirits on the front porch before dinner; as much al fresco dining as I can cram in… And then, the magazine covers start to change, wardrobe color palettes begin to mature, and finally! – an incredible deal on the perfect white denim for next year.

Queue the “in-betweens”. These are the pieces that can move back and forth between the first few cool summer nights to even unexpectedly mild days of autumn.  My in-betweens get me in the mood for the season to change and let me incorporate my favorite summer pieces one more time before changing gears.

The Ankle Boot.  I swap my sandals for ankle boots when the temperature permits anytime later than mid-August. With shorts or a sweet dress, it’s a style booster that can debut now and walk its way straight through the winter. Plus, if you are traveling this time of  year, the consolidation of shoes lightens your load.


The Colored Skinny.  This is also the time of year where I start to phase my bright denim out of the rotation (with the noted exception of red, which I embrace year-round) and typically pick a favorite (or two!) from Fall’s preview color palette. This year, for me, it is a color that falls the wine/berry range, but warmed and deepened with earthy undertones (like the Layne split-ankle skinny from Genetic in Vamp).

The Denim Vest.  If you haven’t reconsidered the denim vest lately, I urge you to give it another look. The vest can do summer (with a sweet dress) and winter (over a leather jacket); it’s SO transitional, I leave mine in my car when I’m not wearing it. It can change your look entirely and instantly, and if you find one you love, it will be with you for years.


What can I say? I love summer but when the heat begins to relent, and the mornings start to stay dark just a little longer, I long for layers and texture. So cheers to the in-betweens for re-igniting my annual love affair with fall while saving me from wishing away the last days of summer.

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