Monthly Archives: September 2012

Strut Your Stuff Spotlight: The Giant Clutch

A clutch cute enough for nights out and big enough for me not to have to make critical decsions between bringing my phone or my lip gloss?? SOLD! I was an instant convert (from my former, tiny, barely-larger-than-a-wristlet clutch-ettes) and remain a fan of the giant clutch. 

I met this cute chick at a poolside cocktail hour at Surrender in Las Vegas, hosted by Hudson Denim, at the end of last month:


The color is bold, but not busy and the shape is simple, just exaggerated. And while this pixie-sized gal runs the risk of being overpowered by such a big clutch, she keeps her look interesting with pattern and texture. Lace shorts and stripes on top keep the eye moving and leave the oversized bag to do the support work in the background. I just love everything about this outfit! Get it, Girl.