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Girls Gone Genetic

I hate my nose. But I’ve always said that I wouldn’t get a nose job because even if I got that bulbous thing chiseled down to the perfect shape, I’m STILL going to pass those genes down to my future children. Because even if you are brave enough to go under the knife and have all the financial resources to do so, you can’t ever really change your genetics.   Until last week.

15 Ounce Premium Denim hosted “Girls Gone Genetic” and for once, we could finally “change our Genetics”. The trunk show featured some of the latest styles from the denim brand courtesy of Genetic rep (and style maven), Lyndsay Archer, who threw in a few surprises when sending the selections to Louisville, Kentucky from NYC.

One of the “surprises” were these giraffe-print skinny jeans. I saw them on display and wanted them right away. I wanted them SO badly, in fact, that I immediately swapped the outfit I arrived in so I could re-create the look.


I have since worn these jeans out and they were quite the topic of conversation throughout the night. A few whispers but almost overwhelmingly positive feedback. I mean, come on! These practically invite commentary and I embrace a fashion risk! I was also thrilled to add this Genetic cropped “Shooter” denim jacket to my wardrobe. I’m confident it will be in heavy rotation during every season.

If giraffe-print skinny jeans aren’t your thing, 15 Ounce also has some of the classic cuts and colors that have made Genetic a staple brand for the boutique. Come in for the Riley (bootcut) or Stem (a supersoft skinny twill!), or fold something new into rotation, like a flare or ankle-zip skinny.

And remember, instead of focusing on things about yourself that you don’t like, concentrate on the things you can change. Maybe that means adding 10 more minutes to your gym routine or cutting back on fast food. Maybe it means waking up 15 minutes earlier so you can finally have time for a healthy breakfast (or any breakfast at all) or for some quiet meditation. Or maybe, just maybe, it means sticking your neck out and standing a little taller in clothes that make you feel good inside…kind of like a giraffe.